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How to Stay Cool in Bed This Summer


Keeping cool on a hot summer’s night is key to staying comfortable and feeling well-rested. A good night’s sleep is important all year round, especially in the summer when we have fun plans with our families that we don’t want to miss out on. 

Don’t let the heat keep you awake this summer. Here are some small yet effective changes you can make to keep you cool on a warm summer night. 

Keep your bedroom cool in the summer 


Circulate the air

Air circulation in your room is essential for keeping your bedroom cool. 

Air circulation isn’t about opening as many windows as possible; sometimes, that can actually work against you. 

Your aim is to allow the air in your room to move more freely. A fan is a popular way to circulate the air in a room. Smart fans are perfect as they can be set on timers to turn on and off throughout the night. 

Keeping your bedroom door open is also important to avoid trapping all the hot air in your bedroom. Another simple solution is, if you have a loft, to keep the hatch door open. As heat rises, this gives the hot air a place to escape.

Block out the light

Keep your room cool by blocking out light and keeping your curtains closed during the day. This prevents your room from heating up. It might also be worth turning off lights or any other electrical items in your bedroom that generate any extra and unnecessary heat. 

The summer months mean lighter mornings and evenings; blocking out light not only keeps you cool but also prevents natural light from disturbing your sleep. 

Try blackout blinds, shutters or curtains. Wooden shutters are great for controlling the amount of light in a room and acting as a natural barrier to heat.

Keep your bed cool in the summer


Switch your bed linen

Using a thinner duvet will help to keep you cool during the night. 

Alternatively, using thinner and natural materials, such as cotton for your bed linen, is more beneficial when staying cool during the night as these materials absorb any perspiration. 

Consider a gel pillow

Gel pillows are designed to regulate your body temperature using a cooling gel that absorbs heat and transfers it away from your head. 

cooling gel pillow is ideal for a hot summer night, as well as providing brilliant support for your neck and head.  

Invest in a gel or hybrid mattress

Similar to a gel pillow, gel or hybrid mattresses help with the temperature regulation of your whole body. 

The Infusion is a Gel-infused, multi-layered mattress with high density support foam, visco foam and a cooling gel topping foam. With its body temperature regulating qualities, the Infusion is a must have for a cool and comfortable sleep.

Keep yourself cool on a summer night


Stay hydrated

We all know that we should be drinking plenty of fluids in the summer. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before bed or eating a large meal, as these will make you feel hot during the night as your body becomes dehydrated and tries to digest your food.

Take a shower

A shower before going to bed is an effective way to reduce your body temperature and instantly give you relief from the heat. 

Natural fibres

It’s tempting to ditch the PJs in summer, but wearing light, natural materials like cotton or linen are brilliant for keeping you comfortable and absorbing sweat. 

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