Bespoke Premium Adjustable Beds

The BenEfits of a Hugel Bed


1. Sleep

The Hugel Bed allows you to adjust your sleeping position to ensure deep, rejuvenating sleep. This flexibility has many benefits that will transform your quality of sleep...

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2. Health

A Hugel Bed has so many benefits for your health. Through proper postural support, your body will use every hour of rest to rejuvenate and revive...

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3. Lifestyle

Aside from improved well-being from better sleep and health, a Hugel Bed will benefit your lifestyle in other areas such as relaxing, leisure in bed and getting up from bed...

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4. Technology

From the outset, we've been committed to making sure the quality craftsmanship of a Hugel Bed is balanced with modern, lifestyle-enhancing technology...

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5. Design

Every Hugel Bed is made here in Great Britain by our skilled craftsmen and upholsterers. This gives us the flexibility to make your bed to your specification and style...

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life changing...

The HugeL Promise

Hugel is the ultimate sleep and relaxation experience. Our smart adjustable bed system will transform the quality of your sleep, health and lifestyle, and you can make your Hugel bed completely unique to you with technology and design options. Revitalise your sleep and invest in a bed that is made to support you, and give you your best possible night's sleep.

Choose from two base styles

Flyte Adjustable Bed

shallow base

The Flyte

The Flyte is a Scandinavian-style bed raised from the floor by four tapered wood feet. It has a minimalist standard-height headboard with tufting options.

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Edel Adjustable Bed

deep base

The Edel

The Edel is a grand deep-base bed with four subtle solid wood feet. It has a high, stately winged headboard with piping and options of different tufting.

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make it yours...

Headboard and Fabric Options

We make all Hugel adjustable beds right here in Great Britain and our skilled craftsmen have access to hundreds of luxury fabrics and materials from across the globe. Visit The Cutting Room to see some of the headboard styles and fabrics available for your bed.

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Hugel Pillow

dream a little dream...

Hugel Mattresses and Pillows

The Hugel range of adjustable mattresses and pillows guarantee optimum comfort and support. We make our mattresses using premium-grade foams and springs combined with a high-tech, temperature regulating cover material. All mattresses and pillows are made here in Great Britain.

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be inspired...

Visit the Inspiration Gallery

Get close up to Hugel and discover the many variations and design options you can have on your adjustable bed. We make every bed here in the UK and are able to fulfill bespoke requests, just call our advisers on 0333 222 1804.

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Go bespoke! Discover Hugel's custom design service

Go bespoke! Discover Hugel's custom design service

Hugel beds are made to order right here in the United Kingdom by our skilled craftsmen. We also have longstanding relationships with global suppliers of...

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