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The Benefits of a Hugel Bed

A Hugel bed will benefit you in five core areas; quality of sleep, improved health, enhanced lifestyle, technology for ease of use, and design tailored to you.

Sleeping Couple

1. Sleep

With five adjustable sections, Hugel beds enable you to customise your sleeping position to optimise your body's natural position for a deep, rejuvenating night's rest. 

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Healthy in Bed

2. Health

The flexibility of a Hugel bed helps to relieve tension on pressure points, enhance lumbar support, ease aches and pains, improve circulation and even reduce snoring through the gentle tilting of the head.

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Adjustable Bed Watching TV

3. Lifestyle

Adjust your resting position for ultimate support and comfort. Whether you are reading, watching a film or just simply relaxing, Hugel has your perfect position

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Electric Bed Control

4. Technology

Control your bed via a premium wireless remote control or smartphone app. Integrated under bed lighting is motion activated and will light your way without disturbing your sleeping partner.

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Buttoned Headboard

5. Design

The technology is the same, the style is yours. With a range of sizes and customisable bed frames, upgrade your bedroom with the addition of a bed that combines cutting edge technology with timeless, personalised style.

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