How Can the Correct Bed Enhance Your Life?

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How Can the Correct Bed Enhance Your Life?

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Sleep is a fundamental pillar of good health and choosing the correct bed to support your health and lifestyle can be completely life-changing. As we get older, we experience changes in the quality and duration of our sleep. Older adults need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. And, we probably don’t have to sit here and tell you how great you feel after a good night’s sleep.

But, did you know that alongside the most obvious benefit - not feeling tired - quality sleep can improve your heart health, memory, immunity and mobility? Below are just some of the ways in which finding the correct bed can transform your life:

Increase mobility

The correct bed allows you to achieve an improved posture at night, which helps you ease the pressure on your joints, back and muscles. Finding the correct bed helps you achieve a perfect sleep posture for your body, which is great for easing the pressure on joints, muscles and your back. If you struggle with chronic aches and pains, purchasing the correct bed for your needs could help you to reduce discomfort during both the day and night.

Improve memory

When we don’t get enough sleep, our ability to make decisions weakens over time. If the issues continue, a lack of sleep can even result in cognitive decline. A restful and undisturbed sleep contributes to our memory and concentration.

Better heart health

A recent study has found that older adults with irregular sleep patterns are almost twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those with more regular sleep patterns. Investing in the right bed not only improves your chances of a good night's sleep but also helps you look forward to getting into bed at a regular time because you know that you're going to feel comfortable and supported throughout the whole night. Different types of bed cater to different needs. For example, an adjustable bed allows you to elevate your lower body when you sleep, boosting your circulation and contributing to better heart health alongside reduced swelling in the ankles, feet and legs (oedema).

Boost your immune system

Sleep is essential for our immune systems, and getting enough of it supports our cause towards well-balanced immunity. When at rest, our bodies' immune systems get to work to repair wounds and fight off infections - even when we’re not actively hurt or sick. Research suggests that just like how sleep helps improve our memories, it also helps our immune systems remember how to recognise and react to antigens.

Better lifestyle

 While a good bed and a great night’s sleep has immeasurable health benefits, acquiring the right bed for you often goes beyond your body’s needs. The right bed can transform your lifestyle in so many ways, depending on your priorities and lifestyle. For example, if you are house proud, you may wish to find something that fits your personal home style while also supporting your body’s requirements.

If you enjoy spending time reading or watching TV to relax before bedtime, an electric adjustable bed that supports your back in a seated position could revolutionise your night-time routine. Additionally, if you share your space with a partner, a dual adjustable bed is a great option for you both to modify your sleep positions to suit your individual needs.

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