How to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Homely

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How to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Homely



Making your bedroom feel homely is vital to feeling relaxed and at ease before you go to sleep. We all want to feel comfortable and at home in our bedrooms, but how can we combine cosy with practicality?

This blog is filled with inspiration for creating a welcoming and supportive space for unwinding and resting. 

Calm it with colours

Introduce a calming colour palette into your room instead of bold patterns and clashing hues. Opt for soft blues and pinks or neutral shades with natural greens and browns. 


Introduce a calming colour palette to your room to set a peaceful mood. Opt for soft blues and pinks, or neutral shades of browns, greys or greens instead of clashing hues and crazy patterns.

Get the light right

Light can decrease the body’s melatonin production - which basically controls your sleep cycle. 

Bright lights are a huge no-no when it comes to bedrooms, whether that means investing in some blackout curtains to reduce the light coming in through your window, swapping your big light for a lamp or under-bed lighting.  


Meanwhile, if you have a TV in your room, try switching screens off at least half an hour before bedtime to give your eyes a rest and get your body ready for bed - why not make this wind-down ritual part of your nighttime routine?

Make it smart

Get help around the home with a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home Hub.


With a smart device, you can control your space from the comfort of your bed - turn on/off the light or adjust your sleeping position if you have an electric bed. You could even create a personalised nighttime routine that tells you when it’s time to wind down, plays some relaxing music, dims the lighting and reminds you of any medication or supplements you need. 

Add comfy details

Level up your tranquil space with some cosy finishing touches, such as your favourite blanket, a supportive pillow and soft and cotton bed linen. 


Some ideas for even more comfort include: 

  • An electric blanket for extra warmth. 
  • gel mattress or cool gel pillow to help regulate your body temperature.
  • An adjustable bed that allows you to raise your head and legs to a perfect sleeping or sitting position. 

When designing the perfect bedroom for you, keep in mind what makes you feel most relaxed at home, whether it’s familiar comfort items or luxury, high-tech accessories.

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