How to Create the Perfect Nighttime Routine

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How to Create the Perfect Nighttime Routine



Creating a good nighttime routine is crucial if you’re struggling to go to sleep, and stay asleep, every night. Poor sleep hygiene could be the reason you’re restless. It refers to your habits before bed and while you are sleeping. Practising good sleep hygiene can improve your sleep and is as easy as getting yourself into a healthy routine before you go to bed. Having a routine means that your body knows that it’s time to go to sleep each night, making it much easier to wind down and fall asleep. When designing a nighttime routine, it’s important to choose what works for you, so you keep it up consistently. Here are some things you could add to your routine to improve your sleep.

Wind down

Slowly winding down at the end of the day is a great way to let your body know that it’s time to sleep soon. Set aside half an hour to an hour before you go to sleep to do something that relaxes you. A great option is to read a book or to listen to some relaxing music. Taking a bath or shower is an excellent way to unwind ready for bed. If you like to have a hot drink or a snack before bed, keep it light; nothing sugary or caffeinated. Remember that too much liquid may interrupt your sleep if you have to get up to go to the toilet.

Turn it off

As you’re getting closer to bedtime, turn off any devices and give your mind and eyes a break from the screen. The light from your screen can also decrease the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep. Using phones and tablets before bed also causes mental stimulation, which can also contribute to poor sleep. 

Not too bright

Make sure you’re not sitting in a bright environment; bright light can decrease your body’s melatonin production. While you’re winding down, it’s more effective to surround yourself with dim lighting. Some beds come with soft, under-bed lighting that set the mood for sleep while still allowing you to read or walk around your room. Creating a calming environment for sleeping in is essential for good sleep hygiene. Avoid anything that could disturb your slumber, such as flashing lights from a TV or distracting sounds from a device. 

Don't force it

Sometimes we’re just unable to fall asleep. But instead of tossing and turning, get up and do something that relaxes you. It could be writing down your thoughts in a notebook or reading a few pages of your favourite novel. Scrolling on your phone is tempting, but try to avoid this because it can stimulate your mind even more. At Opera, we’re committed to giving you the best night’s sleep. We know how important sleep is to our bodies and minds, and that’s why we’ve spent over fifteen years understanding our customers’ needs. Anti-snore Technology and Zero Gravity sleep are just a few of the features of our adjustable beds to help you relax, unwind and find the best posture to have the best night’s sleep again and again.

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