Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Need More Sleep

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Need More Sleep



What could be better than gifting someone with the perfect night's sleep? While Santa can’t always work miracles, you can help your loved one get some rest with these gifts that are guaranteed to improve their slumber.  

New bedding

Everyone loves having brand new, fresh bedding, but it may not be something someone thinks to treat themselves to. You can find the perfect comfort item for your loved ones, from luxury duvet covers to throws. 

Another alternative is to gift your loved one an electric blanket. As well as having many health benefits, an electric blanket can save your frozen toes and reduce energy bills. 


Smart devices

Smart devices, such as Google Home or Alexa, are great gifts for Christmas. Not only are they helpful devices to have in your home, but you can also use these devices to set up night time and morning routines. A good routine before you go to bed and when you wake up can greatly impact your sleep quality and the rest of your day. 

A smart device can also provide you with relaxing audio before you go to sleep, which is great for winding down before bed. This is an excellent gift for your loved ones if they are struggling to fall asleep at night.



Surprisingly, pyjamas can have a larger impact on your sleep quality than you think, so gifting someone with the perfect pair is a thoughtful idea.  

There are many types pyjamas to choose from; especially during the festive period, but make sure you look for natural materials, such as cotton or linen, which are more breathable.  

Be sure to avoid tighter materials that can make you feel more restricted when sleeping.



While socks get a bad rep as far as Christmas presents go, they do make a great stocking filler for anyone trying to improve their sleep. 

Wearing socks in bed has many advantages, including helping you fall asleep faster, improving circulation, and preventing hot flashes. Again, natural fibres like wool, cotton and cashmere are the best choice.


Bedroom scent

The scent in your bedroom can have an impact on your sleep quality. Fragrances, like lavender and chamomile, have a calming effect on your body and help you sleep better at night.  

However, while candles and wax melts can be good gifts, leaving them lit while sleeping can be dangerous. Instead, opt for pillow sprays and diffusers.


A book or journal

Escaping into a book is a fantastic way to wind down for a good night's sleep. 

Choose a book by their favourite author or in their favourite genre, or you could even gift a journal to allow them to offload their thoughts before they go to sleep.


A weightless night’s sleep

We know that we said Santa cannot work miracles all the time, but what if we told you an adjustable bed could? 

Allowing you to get comfy in a zero-gravity position, our adjustable beds could make the perfect present for someone special this year 

Adjustable beds are scientifically proven to help improve circulation, open your airways, ease pressure on joints, reduce snoring and get you sleeping soundly through the night. 

So, whether its a to-me-from-me" gift, or for someone you love, an adjustable bed is the gift that keeps on giving.

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