Technology Benefits

From the outset, we've been committed to making sure the quality craftsmanship of a Hugel bed is balanced with modern, lifestyle-enhancing technology...


Smartphone App

You can download our smartphone app to control your Hugel bed from your smart device. You can be browsing the web and sit up in bed, all at the touch of a button!

Adjustable Bed Hand Control

Wireless Hand Control

Every Hugel Adjustable Bed comes with a premium wireless hand control. The control is touch-sensitive and includes a memory feature that allows you to program your favourite lying positions. Back-lit buttons and a handy integral torchlight ensure the control is easy to use through the darker hours.

Hybrid Mattress

Comfort Technology

Hugel mattresses and pillows are made with specialist, high-tech materials to support you, keep you cool and ensure you are comfortable throughout the night. Our Somnair Hybrid Mattress combines two layers of springs with layered gel-infused foams to give you advanced comfort.