SLEEP Benefits

The Hugel Bed allows you to adjust your sleeping position to ensure deep, rejuvenating sleep. This flexibility has many benefits that will transform your quality of sleep...

Anti-Snore Position


The five section platform on a Hugel Adjustable Bed has a head/neck tilt section. When this section is raised it tilts your head which helps to open your airways by reducing the gravitational pull on your throat muscles. This reduces snoring which makes a Hugel bed a perfect place to sleep if you have a noisy partner!

Comfortable Bed

Supreme Comfort

Hugel mattresses and pillows are designed to conform to your body as well as the adjustable platform. The layered foam composition provides spinal support as well as enveloping comfort. Temperature regulating materials prevent the build up of heat in the mattress and pillow core.

Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position simulates weightlessness and was first developed by NASA when preparing astronauts for spacecraft launches. By raising the back and leg rest on your Hugel bed, your body will be in the same position as it would be if there was no gravity which means weightless, natural sleep and minimal pressure on the body. You're sure to sleep soundly.