a rich history...

The Hugel Story

A rich combination of true British craftsmanship, timeless health best practices and modern-day technologies make the Hugel bed what it is today. Starting in the 1700s, our story sets out with one of the greatest furniture makers of all time and steers its course into the 21st century with our founding family's acquired experience in orthopaedics and health technology...



In 1716, our ancestor Thomas Chippendale was born into family of Yorkshire carpenters. In his younger years he left Yorkshire for London where he was to become known as one of the finest furniture makers in the world. Chippendale received bespoke. luxury commissions from across the globe and his furniture is still showcased in glamorous country estates throughout the UK today. Pieces have been known to sell for up to £4 million at auction, a testament to the incredibly high quality and legacy associated with his name.

One such example is the revered State Bed for the State Bedroom at Harewood House in West Yorkshire (pictured). The bed, covered in gold leaf and silk drapes, was designed to provide the very best night's sleep for royal visitors. It was the most expensive piece of furniture ever supplied by Chippendale, costing £400 for the frame, furnishings and mattresses (£56.000 in today's money!) Our commitment to using the finest quality materials and methods is no different today. 

Beverley, East Yorkshire



Our family continued to hone their craft In furniture making throughout the centuries in Beverley, East Yorkshire, staying true to the high quality associated with Yorkshire craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from the sights and sounds around us, it was here that the Hugel brand was born.

Beverley is famed for Its rolling Westwood Pasture which is home lo the hilltop Beverley Racecourse and acres of recreational land. This, combined with our use of German engineered framework and motors in our adjustable bed led us to the Germanic word for hills, Hügel. 


Experts in Posture and Orthopaedics

More recently, we have combined our furniture-making expertise with the design and manufacture of electric care beds. Its here where our knowledge in correct posture and orthopaedics comes from and where we have seen the benefits first-hand of an adjustable bed for health, sleep and lifestyle.

Orthopaedic Support


The Hugel Bed

The result is a bed with health and lifestyle benefits you probably didn't know were possible, and of course deep, rejuvenating sleep as your body sleeps the way it naturally should.

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