Lifestyle Benefits

Aside from improved well-being from better sleep and better health, a Hugel Adjustable Bed will benefit your lifestyle in other areas such as relaxing, leisure in bed and getting up from bed.


Undisturbed Relaxation

Hugel beds for two people have independently controlled mattress platforms. With a hand control each, you can each position your side of the bed to your liking. With clever technology such as the anti snore, you can sleep together without disturbance.

Reading Book

Read & Watch

Raise the back rest of your Hugel Adjustable Bed by almost 90° to sit right up in bed. This adjustment puts you in the perfect position for reading, writing or watching a film. Its so much more than just a bed.

Easy Control

Easy Comfort

Hugel combines technology with comfort and support to adapt to your lifestyle. Every bed comes with a dedicated wireless control to adjust you mattress and you can also download our smartphone app to control the bed from you smart device. Comfort couldn't be easier.

Light Bulb

Under Bed Lighting

Included with every Hugel Adjustable Bed is an under bed light which can be activated by the hand control. You can also upgrade to motion-sensing under bed strip lighting which will illuminate the floorspace of your bedroom when you step out of bed in the night.