Health Benefits

A Hugel bed has so many benefits for your health. By adjusting the mattress to a position that supports you properly, your body will use every hour of rest to rejuvenate and revive...

Partners Sleeping

Personalised Posture

We understand that your body is unique which is why we've designed a bed that will adjust to a position that works best for you. Sleeping in a position that supports your body allows you to sleep naturally and lets your body function as it should.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain Relief

By adjusting your mattress you will alleviate pressure on key joints such as hips, knees and shoulder. The zero gravity position replicates weightlessness and reduces gravitational pull on your joints to almost nill.

Spinal Support

SPinal Support

Traditional beds and mattresses are not designed to keep your spinal cord straight, particularly if you are a side sleeper. By adjusting the back and leg rest of your Hugel bed you can achieve a position that will support you spinal cord properly.

Air and Blood Flow

Improved Circulation

Raising your legs above your waist is proven to improve circulation. If you've been on your feet all day or experience swelling in the feet, a Hugel bed will revive you and keep your circulatory system healthy.