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The Hugel range of mattresses and pillows guarantee optimum comfort and support. We make our mattresses using premium-grade foams and springs combined with a high-tech, temperature regulating cover material. All mattresses and pillows are made here in Great Britain.

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Dream Adjustable Mattress

layered mattress

The Dream

The Dream is a 22cm deep layered mattress with layers of gel-infused foam, supportive base foam and air perforations for ultimate comfort and temperature control.

Firmness: 8/10 (firm)

£495 - £1195

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Somnair Adjustable Mattress

hybrid mattress

The Somnair

The Somnair is a sumptuous, 26cm deep layered hybrid mattress with pressure relieving foams, two layers of pocket springs and ventilation for advanced comfort and cooling properties.

Firmness: 4/10 (Soft-Medium)

£795 - £1795

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Cloud Pillow

posture control pillow

The Cloud

The Cloud is a super-soft supportive pillow that moulds to neck and head shape for proper postural control. This pillow perfectly complements Hugel mattresses.


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A Hugel bed will benefit you in five core areas; quality of sleep, improved health, enhanced lifestyle, technology for ease of use, and design tailored to you.

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