Hugel Somnair Hybrid Adjustable Mattress

N.B. For a split dual mattress, a king bed requires two small single mattresses and a super king bed requires two single mattresses.
Metric Imperial
Depth (applies to all widths) 26cm 10¼in
Length (applies to all widths) 200cm 6ft 6in
Width - Small Single 75cm 2ft 6in
Width - Single 90cm 3ft
Width - Small Double 120cm 4ft
Width - King 150cm 5ft
Width - Super King 180cm 6ft

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Soft Mattress

Firmness: 4/10 (Soft-Medium)

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid Technology

Pocket Springs for Mattress

4000 Pocket Springs

Hugel Cooling Technology

Hugel COol Comfort Gel-Infused Foam

Posture Control

Engineered for Postural Support

Temperature Control

Temperature Regulating Cover Technology

Somnair Hybrid Mattress on Adjustable Bed

Advanced Hybrid Technology

The Somnair Adjustable Mattress is a sumptuous, 26cm deep mattress made of layers combining advanced ortho and comfort foams with 4000 pocket springs. Each layer serves a special purpose and they work together to provide your body with maximum comfort, spinal support and temperature regulation. Hugel's cleverly ventilated cover material  has cooling properties to prevent the build of heat.

Conforms to adjustable bed base

Through malleable core foams, a grid of individual pocket springs and base castellations, the Hugel Somnair Adjustable Mattress will conform to the adjustable base of your Hugel bed. When you electrically raise the back rest or leg rest, the mattress moves with the frame and will properly support you whatever position you choose. 

Mattress on Electric Base

ten layers of comfort...

1. Ice-Weave Temperature Regulating Fibre

A thin layer of cleverly weaved fibre underneath the cover that encourages cooling airflow.  

2. Hugel Cool Comfort Gel-infused Foam With AirFlow

Intelligent foam that adapts to your body shape, infused with cooling gel and perforated. (3cm)

3. Hugel Cool cOMFORT Gel-Infused Foam

Body-adapting foam that is infused with cooling gel for maximum temperature control. (2cm) 

4. 2000 Comfort Pocket Springs

2000 individual comfort pocket springs designed to respond to body shape and movement. (8cm)

5. Aero-Strong Surround

A high-density foam surround for support when getting on and off the bed.

6. Ortho Support Flex Foam

An orthopaedic foam core that ensures spinal support whilst maintaining flexibility (3cm)

7. Comfort Flex Foam

A secondary layer of core foam that offsets the firm base springs to ensure comfort. (2cm)

8. 2000 Support Pocket Springs

2000 individual support springs which are finely taut to ensure a firm and supportive base. (5cm)

9. Aero-Strong Surround

A second high-density foam surround for additional support when getting on and off the bed.

10. Base Flex Foam

A final layer of high density foam that provides the foundation for the whole mattress. (3cm)

Somnair Layers Graphic

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