The Mattresses You Can Use on a Hugel Bed

A Hugel adjustable bed has an electrically adjustable base which means only mattresses that have been designed to be sufficiently flexible are suitable. The mattresses we detail below will properly support you whatever position you choose and will prevent bottoming out and ensure proper posture control.

Hugel Mattresses

Both the Hugel Dream and Hugel Somnair mattresses are designed specifically for our range of Hugel Adjustable Beds. They have been layered and hinged to perfectly conform to the five section platforms.

Hugel Dream Adjustable Mattress

The Dream Adjustable Mattress is a supportive, orthopaedic mattress made up of layered foams including Hugel's Cool Comfort Gel-Infused Foam. The different layers work together to provide your body with maximum comfort, spinal support and temperature control.

  • Depth: 22cm/8¾in
  • Firmness rating: 8/10 (Firm)

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Dream Adjustable Mattress

Hugel Somnair Adjustable Mattress

The Somnair Adjustable Mattress is a deep mattress that uses hybrid technology combining advanced foams with 4000 pocket springs. The combination of the two ensures a perfect blend of orthopaedic support with superior comfort.

  • Depth: 26cm/10¼in
  • Firmness rating: 4/10 (Soft to Medium)
  • 4000 pocket springs across two layers

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Somnair Adjustable Mattress

Mattresses from other brands

Whilst they are not specifically designed for the Hugel base, there are mattresses from other brands that would be compatible with a Hugel adjustable bed. Please contact one of our advisers on 0333 222 1804 to discuss the options.


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