Made in Britain: Where Hugel Beds are crafted

Hugel Beds are revered for uncompromising quality and attention to detail, thanks to being designed and made in Great Britain by our highly-skilled craftsmen. In this article, we explain exactly where each element of our beds come from, how they are made and details about the source.

Five Section Adjustable Base

Five-Section Adjustable Bases

Engineered, Made and Upholstered in Yorkshire, England

The secret of a Hugel bed is in the padded five-section adjustable base. Made in Yorkshire, the platform is constructed from a metal and wood adjustable frame which supports five individual sections. Each section has a solid wood base and surround trim and is filled with soft wadding before being upholstered.

A dark shadow fabric is laid between the frame and the sections to elegantly cloak the motors and mechanisms. The base is completed by an upholstered end retention bar that prevents mattress movement.


Interesting facts about Yorkshire

  • Our family have lived here for generations and it is where Hugel is based today.

  • Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom.

  • Food and drink is a central part of Yorkshire life and the county has more Michelin Star restaurants than anywhere outside of London.

  • Yorkshire boasts more top racecourses than any other region of the UK, one of which is Beverley where Hugel was founded.

  • Flamborough Head has the biggest underwater chalk reef in Europe, extending underwater for up to 6 km out to sea, while The Deep in Hull is home to Europe’s only grey reef sharks.


Bed Frame and Headboard

Made and Upholstered in Somerset, England

Hugel bed frames and headboards are made and upholstered in Somerset by highly skilled craftsmen and upholsterers. The sides and foot-end of the base are made from thick, solid wood that are then wadded and upholstered using luxury fabrics and leathers. The inside of the bed frame is also fully upholstered so that when the backrest of the bed is raised it maintains a flawless appearance.

Thanks to our extremely skilled upholsterers, the capabilities with the headboard are virtually unlimited. We offer a range of tufting options and we have headboards with wings and piping. Bespoke shapes, contrasting fabrics, wooden trims are available on request.


Interesting facts about Somerset

  • Somerset has 11,500 listed buildings, 523 ancient monuments, 192 conservation areas, 41 parks and gardens, 36 English Heritage sites and 19 National Trust sites.

  • Somerset is home to the village of Cheddar, where the famous cheese of that name originated.

  • The cathedral in Wells (England's smallest city) is famous for its clock, which dates back to 1390. When the clock strikes every quarter, jousting knights rush round above the clock and a Quarter Jack bangs the quarter hours with his heels.

  • Taunton in Somerset was the first town in the country to be lit by electric street lighting in 1881.


Fabrics and Textiles

Weaved in Belgium and United Kingdom

Whilst we have access to a vast array of fabric collections and colourways from across the globe, our house fabrics are from mills in Britain and Belgium. They have been carefully selected to ensure they meet our high standards for elegance and quality. They surpass martindale abrasion cycle tests for domestic and contract use, and they all have a plush, soft-touch feel in-keeping with the beds' luxurious styling.


Interesting facts about Belgium

  • Belgium is the country with the most castles per square mile in the world.
  • Aside from Spain, Belgium is the only country in the world to have two living kings. Current King Philippe’s father, Albert, continues to carry the title even after his abdication.
  • Belgium produces over 220,000 tonnes of chocolate each year.
  • The word 'spa, used to describe health and beauty treatment places, comes from the Belgian city Spa.

Bed Handset

Motors and Handsets

Sourced from Germany

Our motor units and handsets are sourced from a German manufacturer with a reputation of producing quiet motor units that are reliable for years. The premium handsets that pair wirelessly with the motor units make controlling your Hugel bed effortless and back-lit touch buttons ease use during the night.


Interesting facts about Germany

  • Germany shares borders with nine other countries. Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany.
  • One third of Germany is still covered in forests and woodlands.


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