10 Interior Style Ideas for Your Bedroom

When you are spending over a third of your life in your bedroom, it’s so important that this room is an attractive safe haven after a long, busy day. Designing your bedroom should be carefully considered and if you're planning a makeover it can feel a little daunting. So we've pulled together ten style ideas to give you some inspiration.

Ten Bedroom Style Ideas

From Victorian to Modern, predominant colours to neutrals, here are ten different styles that you could adopt in your bedroom...

Neutral Bedroom

1. The Neutral Bedroom

The ‘Neutral Bedroom’ promotes tranquillity in the space and lends itself to a combination of soft greys and beiges. This is arguably more of your classic bedroom look which is easily recreated in a range of homes. The most advantageous factor when working with neutral colours is all the tones work together, giving you the licence to enrich the décor with textures such as suede and wood.

Luxury Bedroom

2. The Luxury Bedroom

The success of creating a ‘Luxury Bedroom’ is solely focused on the materials and textures you purchase for the room. Typically, this is going to set you back further financially than many of the other rooms, but the results will be there for everyone to see. Deluxe textures such as velvet and fur work very well in a room like this and grand, premium headboards are another must to consider.

Tropical Bedroom

3. The Tropical Bedroom

Pursuing a ‘Tropical Bedroom’ approach won’t be to everyone’s taste, however, research is showing that tropical interiors are becoming more and more popular. This can be a fairly fun way of trying to style your bedroom with whites and greens particularly prominent. Tropical flowers and large-scale leaf prints work particularly well in a room like this and add a unique feel to the bedroom.

Victorian Bedroom

4. The Victorian Bedroom

Here’s one to stand out, the ‘Victorian Bedroom’. This style will only really work if you’re lucky enough to own a Victorian home and wish to carry on the theme into the bedroom. Modern homes can also incorporate elements of the Victorian style like shutters and traditional style furniture. The stand-out factors of Victorian-era designed homes are the high, decorative ceilings and intricate design. It can be tricky to find a balance between the Victorian heritage and modern elegance with a mix and match approach not always resulting in the desired outcome. Victorian-era.org share their knowledge here on Victorian era bedrooms and the key to its styling.

Modern Bedroom

5. The Modern Bedroom

A very popular style in today’s bedroom is the modest and smooth modern design. The modern bedroom lends itself to the minimalistic route with increased sleeping space a popular choice. These types of bedrooms are usually designed with some high-impact statement furniture pieces and often stick to a rigid neutral colour scheme. The simplicity of a room like this helps to promote a sense of serenity and promotes a relaxing environment. Check out this article by Home Designing on their tips regarding a modern bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom

6. The Industrial Bedroom

Perhaps a design for those of us with a particular taste, the ‘Industrial Bedroom’ has all the elements of a rustic ‘New York’ style room which you probably picture from popular American TV shows such as ‘Friends’. Metallic bed frames and exposed brick walls are perhaps the classic look you would be searching for, with muted colours and the odd touch of brass or copper adding to the aesthetic feel of the bedroom. Ashley Knierim from ‘The Spruce’ gave her 21 Industrial bedroom design ideas earlier this year.

Black and White Bedroom

7. The Black & White Bedroom

Classic yet very bold, the ‘Black and White Bedroom’ design offers that soothing feel yet is still immediately eye catching with its darker elements. This sort of bedroom design again lends itself to simplicity and sophistication. The use of these two very opposite colours will not appeal to everybody but using the colour correctly leads to a less clinical feel. It is recommended when going down this approach to find a balanced style which doesn’t allow one colour to become more dominant than the other.

White Bedroom

8. The White Bedroom

If it is that sense of serenity you are looking for then the ‘White Bedroom’ approach should be something to consider. The fresh white rooms look clean and cool and are perfect for those summer days. The major benefit of this style of room is any splash of colour really does make a huge impact. Greens and blues work particularly well if subtly used. The perfect sleeping sanctuary.

Blue Bedroom

9. The Blue Bedroom

Another very versatile colour is the ‘Blue Bedroom’ style. Combining dark and dramatic with light and refreshing complements the soothing design of the room and creates a unique statement. Similar to white, blue channels serenity and tranquillity and is reminiscent of the sky and the sea. Blue has a calming power, so works incredibly well in the bedroom environment where you are supposed to be at your most relaxed.

Pink Bedroom

10. The Pink Bedroom

A big mover in recent years, the ‘Pink Bedroom’ is now one of the most popular colour choices in the home. The versatility of the colour has ensured is works well in either a darker or lighter environment and has gone a long way to move the colour away from that bright, in-your-face colour we used to confine to little girls’ rooms. The lighter pink often just adds a tinge of colour to the room and evokes a relaxed romantic feel to the room.

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